parajumpers down jacket a healthy habit in childhood and beyond

parajumpers down jacket a healthy habit in childhood and beyond

parajumpers münchen a healthy habit in childhood and beyond

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Compared to breakfast skippers, children who eat breakfast are more likely to meet nutrient recommendations and have higher daily intakes of important vitamins, minerals and fibre.1 A quick look at common breakfast choices among children and it is not hard to see why: dairy products, ready to eat cereal and breads, juices, fruits and eggs are found among the top.4 In addition to the nutritional edge, breakfast eaters exhibit many positive health behaviours, including increased daily fruit and vegetable intake, and more physical activity.5

There is now clear evidence that children who eat breakfast tend to be slimmer. A recent systematic review of sixteen studies examining the effect of breakfast skipping on weight control in over 59,000 European children and adolescents, found that eating breakfast was associated with lower Body Mass Index (a measure of weight relative to height) and appeared to protect against overweight and obesity.6 Similar findings have been reported in other reviews.1 However, as with all observational studies, cause and effect cannot be assumed.

Early laboratory studies reported positive effects of breakfast on performance indicators including memory recall, attention span, and creativity.2 A recent systematic review considered 45 laboratory and school breakfast studies to determine if breakfast really does have an impact on children’s performance at school.1 The balance of evidence suggested eating breakfast is more beneficial than skipping breakfast among school children. It appears to be more important that the children eat rather than the specific size or type of breakfast consumed. in the UK in the late 1990s.7 Apart from the nutritional benefits, breakfast clubs also give children opportunities for social interaction, provide a calm start to the day and have been found to improve punctuality, behaviour and attendance, all of which are likely to have a beneficial impact on children’s learning. The aim of the initiative is to promote the benefits of breakfast to European policy makers and to encourage the use of messages like ‚eat breakfast everyday‘ in public health campaigns and school curricula.

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Breakfast is best campaign website

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parajumpers down jacket a healthy habit in childhood and beyond